Anmeldelse av ‘Ethics – The Future of Management’

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Ethical problems and discussions have gone on as long as humans have been able to verbalise opinions. Chapters 1-4 cover well the basic element you would expect in this context. Chapter 1 is a broad and good start. The Gini-table could refer to Piketty (Capital), but the book may have arrived too late to be included in this text

The practices that we need to know and learn from are presented in chapters 5-6, with the most important international agreements in chapter 7. There are some good cases in chapter 8 before a more normative and well timed discussion in chapter 9. This chapter also introduces governance, and differentiates between four types: corporate, financial, ecological and business. This is meaningful to me and I agree on all main points

Chapter 10 sums up the integration of ethics, social responsibility and governance.. I have not read another CSR / Ethics book with this approach, and it is both useful and interesting.

Stavanger University 22 October 2014

Thomas Laudal, associate professor