Introduction to ‘Ethical Management – Creativity, Sustainability, Governance’

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Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas.

Productivity growth is dismal in the West, companies are fusing at a furious rate, entrepreneurialism is stuttering, populism is on the rise and the old rules of business are being torn up.

The Economist 2016

Ethical Management introduces new and expanded management tuition and may therefore be the leading book on management available.

Nordic-type personnel management is used as a starting point, including as it does respect for employees, delegation, inclusion, safety and competence building.

Service management is another basic theme, including customer orientation, the importance of the front line, service agreements, standards, technology; and methods for planning, problem solving, changes, inventory, emergency planning, etc. The first impression of an organisation is the ‘Moment of Truth’, and should always be positive.

Governance follows European principles, with an independent board, clear responsibilities, and with stakeholders, and preferably employees, on the board.

Ethics are fundamental, along with trust, openness, quality, security, privacy, co-operation, social responsibility and sustainability. Several examples of creativity in this type of organisation will be presented.