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Fringilla coelebs
The logo for Fringilla is the bird Fringilla coelebs, which in English is called the Chaffinch. In Norwegian the name is bokfink, which suggests a book, as the Norwegian for book is bok.
As a consultant, I found clients were often referring to books which they had no time to read and requesting a precis. This later led to me writing books to fill this gap.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fringilla, the Website:

The concepts below are mostly related to management and ethics, subjects often omitted from textbooks.
The index tells you which button to click on to find the reference, usually in one book, sometimes in several.
Clicking on About will give you a brief overview of the subject. Clicking on Publications, Debate or References will give you further information including (under Publications) details of the books and articles covering the subject.

Ethical investmentsAbout / Publications
Ethical riskAbout / Publications
ManagementAbout / Publications
Service managementDebate / Publications
Service agreementsPublications / References
Project managementPublications / References
Nordic managementPublications
Emergency preparednessPublications
ISO 20000Publications / References
ISO 26000Publications / References
QualityPublications / References
Security, inclusive employee security, HSEPublications / References
Nursing ethicsDebate
Welfare technologyPublications
Technology adviceDebate
Systems theoryPublications