In progress: Welfare Technology

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The purpose of welfare technology is to supply help to elderly people and others, based on modern health, technology and organisational practices. It represents, perhaps, a new way of delivering health.

The initiative is essential to cope with the increasing numbers of elderly people worldwide.

This is Norway’s biggest current project. It is based on tests in 34 communities, and co-ordinated with Sweden and Denmark. A corresponding EU-project is called AAL, Active and Assisted Living. Most local communities in Norway have initiatives in this area.

Welfare Technology (WT) also covers remote health. This was initially an EU project, targeting heart disease, diabetes and COPD, and is now extending to chronic diseases in general, including cancer and psychiatric disorders.

WT needs tools to help users 24/7, including health journals, home testing and advice. Help to improve social life is also planned.

WT needs new technology that is easy to learn and use, and also secure.

WT needs improved health systems targeting dementia, diets, training, home testing and motivation. Modern telemedicine is included, with extensions.

The publication of this book is targeted for 2021.

The illustration above shows the picture of a mole being projected onto a screen, which could be in the office of a specialist. The device used can be bought in a pharmacy.